English4Speak English Lessons

There will be 3 segments as follows:
General English Speaking Course
Course Description:
How comfortable are you with your English? Have you found yourself lost of words in real life English speaking situation? Are you afraid to speak English? Do you want to improve your English communication skills? Do you find yourself reluctant to speak English although you have been through many classes and many hours of practice? Are you still translating everything you are trying to communicate? Let us introduce you to our specially designed course that helps you turn the negative answer to all of the questions above. This course is suitable to wide range of age, however 12 years old and older is recommended. It is designed to equip you with the foundation and necessary skills for English speaking by utilizing real time face-to-face conversation via video call with our enthusiastic, friendly, and skillful English Instructors. The content used in this course will focus on all-round skills; it will boost the confident of the student and help him/her to get accustomed to various English speaking situations. Plus, you will get to learn new vocabularies that you will encounter regularly in real-life conversation.

Beginner to Pre-Advanced
Focus Outcomes:

Refine and develop communication skills while building the strong foundation skills for English speaking.
Get acquainted to English speaking situation by practicing with live video calls.
Expand your range of idioms, phrases, and vocabulary that are commonly founded in most English conversations.
Reduce communication cycle time of your English communication.
Business English Course
Course Description:
As the World began to get smaller due to technological innovations and globalization, English is undeniably becoming more important and becoming more essentials as the society progresses. Is it true that English speakers are likely to land on a better career in comparison to Non-English speakers? The answer to this question is resoundingly obvious nowadays. Not only English speakers ended up getting a better position, also they are much better compensated comparing to Non-English speakers. “English speakers are likely to have better business and career opportunity than Non-English speaker” this statement is undeniable in our society today. This course is designed for individual who strives to improve English skills in order to advance in their business and career in English speaking business. Many working aspects will be taught and discussed in this course to lay down a solid foundation of Business English. This course will work on your English proficiency in order to enable you to communicate effectively and fluently in various social and business encounters with confidence.

Intermediate to Advanced
Focus Outcomes:
Handle formal and informal communication forms
Clearly communicate your profession, business, and responsibility
Able to conduct meeting presentation or pitching presentation
Properly communicate on phone calls.
Exchange business information such as product specifications, requirements, etc
Confidently communicate in business or social events.
Able to effectively and properly communicate in meetings such as giving suggestions, decisions, discussion
Remain cool and confident during English job interview.
English for Kids Course
Course Description:
Numerous researches have shown that language is harder to learn, as we grow older. This is due to the fact that children are more adapt to learn new things, unlike adults. Thus, we highly recommend for children to start learning English at young age; children are natural learner. Although that is true, a lot of studies also show that children are easily distracted, unlike adults. Therefore, in order for children to learn effectively, different teaching method should be applied.
At English4Speak, we have designed this course specifically for children at the age of 5 years old and above. This course utilizes tools and techniques that capture the attention of the children. Through interactive contents and activities, we will build strong foundation for English communication skills. Your child will enjoy learning with our fun, friendly, and interactive approaches.
Children with age of 5 years old and above
Focus Outcome:
Encourage language and literacy development in children
Build confident to communicate with English language
Develop positive experience with English language
Nurture English speaking habits